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    how are dogs always so happy when the economy is a mess??

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  • armadillo:

    its kinda scary how your whole life depends on how well you do as a teenager 

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  • how dare you not notice me while i ignore you

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  • denise-huxxtable:


    if you don’t think this carries an important message about our society then you are what is wrong with human society today

    And this is why when you see a post empowering and uplifting black women, do not invade it with “don’t you mean all women.” No, because this is not the reality of “all women.”

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    do u ever go to school confident in what ur wearing and then u actually get there and ur kind of just like wow well this was an awful idea

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    new gif for tumblr fights

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  • slayboybunny:

    ya hes cute…….but is he conscientious of the social inequalities and corruption in hierarchies of power that plague this world

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    listening to your favorite band with your friend


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